Zürich – A Perfect Holiday Destination

Settled in the center of Switzerland this place is none other than Zürich. Noted as one of the most popular destinations in Europe. The city is known for its clean environment and beautiful atmosphere. Zürich is mainly known for its austerity and civic modernization blend. Situated on the northern side of the sovereign Lake Zürich, the city proposes a number of attractive spots and thrilling activities for tourists to explore the place and have fun.

Best Destinations in Switzerland

Zürich is known for its economic and cultural center. Known for one of Europe’s leading financial and industrial capital. The main enchantment is dozens of museums, a well-kept old town full of antique and renaissance buildings. For art lovers, this place offers plenty of creativity both in and out of the museums. Well-known figures such as Thomas Mann, James Joyce, and Georg Buchner etc. got attracted towards Zürich’s tradition of humanitarian thinking and thoughtful life. They follow the traditions even today. The city is one of the finest Swiss towns to spend a vacation and is an absolutely class for sightseeing.

Zürich offers a lot of things for the visitors to see and do, no one wishes to leave this beautiful city just right away. There are various types of lounge abode in various corners of Zürich which arranges a home for the shenanigans. Although most hotels are in the range of 4 to 5 star that is economical and right ones. Radisson Blu Hotel located near Zürich airport offers free breakfast and free Wi-Fi also they have a contemporary room which flat-screens. It’s near the city center which makes easy transport and sightseeing for travellers. One more hotel is in the center of Old Town and nearby to shops and restaurants is Hotel Adler. It also offers free breakfast and Wi-Fi and in-rooms soft drinks amidst a contemporary decor. However, there is luxurious hotels such as the Dolder grand, Hotel Widder and Baur au lac etc are worth of every money you spent on this hotels.

The city celebrates festivals in a colourful and cheerful way that is why tourist wisely and cautiously plan their visit. Every year in April the city celebrates their traditional spring festival which is Sechselauten. In June, Zürich has festivals which consist of concerts, dance, operas and theatrical arts. In the second week of August, Zürich celebrates street parade which their biggest techno party in Europe. For all the party lovers take a note of this, In Zürich, the party starts after 10 in the evening and goes on until the dawn.

A trip to Zürich is incomplete without indulging in the shop and dine experience. Having the famous swiss chocolates which are Frey and Lindt is so yummy you just can’t resist having more. Thus, the experience in Zürich makes Switzerland one of the important tourist and holiday destination in Switzerland.

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