A Delicious game for Food lovers – My bakery Story

The insatiable foodie inside me is not only hungry in the real world but this passion for food has spilled over to the virtual world as well. My phone’s screen is cramped with gaming apps based on – you guessed it right…..FOOD. It all started with ‘My Bakery Story’ that I downloaded a year back from play store. It has really cute animation, an engaging platform, a set of challenging goals, themes around a particular holiday/season.

The mother’s day update on this game was my favorite. I used to devote 5-6 hours a day collecting coins to buy the pretty decorations for my bakery. I learnt names of new dishes and searched them on Google. I downloaded the recipe for pumpkin cake pops after the Halloween Theme.

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This game prompted me to download other games to earn gems which were quite rare and difficult to earn. I found it annoying but downloaded and played those games for a while before un-installing them. I wasn’t ready to pay for virtual coins and gems. Call me a miser if you please, but I find it appalling to pay for virtual coins that can be lost if a game is accidently uninstalled or your phone hangs and you finally the delete the game out of exasperation.
These games are designed to get a user hooked, if you do not play it daily your dishes will get spoilt and progress is lost. Also, like most such games it can be played online over WiFi only. If the connection is weak, all your hard work goes waste as the game doesn’t load on the tablet/phone.

Despite all these glitches, I found this game amazing. It appealed to my creative sensibilities. I could design the bakery in pretty floral wallpapers, add beautiful ovens/grills according to changing seasons and buy a chocolate fountain or a cookie display. The virtual cranberry cheesecake, watermelon cake, podium cake, pecan pie, Yule log tingled my taste buds. At work, I was day dreaming about opening a little bakery somewhere in Pondicherry after voluntary retirement.

As a kid I had always enjoyed baking cakes, cookies and brownies. I used to devour cookery books and experiment with baked custard and chocolate mousse at home. At 12, I had mastered the recipe for banana & walnut cake complete with frosting. Folks at home found my idea of becoming a chef one day, ludicrous. When I ended up at a dental school for a degree it was no less than a paradox. A dentist for a passion for sweet things was not going to be a huge success. How could I tell a patient to avoid sugary, sticky goodies when I myself had a tough time saying no them? I found the smell and sight of blood, plaque and cements revolting, to say the least.

This game re-ignited the childhood passion inside me that had been lost with time and hidden under the bundles of books. My affair with food continues uninterrupted and it was what got us (my husband & I) talking the first time we met. Well, the story of how I met my Mr. Perfect would require another space. For now, Bon Appétit!!

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