Things to do in Los Cabos, Mexico During Winters

December in Los Cabos is unique. The weather in winters is warm and beautiful. The towns in Los Cabos are dynamic with their gathering and activities.

Los Cabos is known for its varieties of whales which start appearing during winters. This place always has something or the other going on in town and local areas. The city offers a plenty of things to enjoy during winters.

Here are few things to do if you plan a visit during winter holidays to Los Cabos:

  1. Fishing:

Countless things come to mind when you think about Cabo San Lucas. The city is known for it’s world-class Fishing adventure which is certainly the first thing to-do here.

During winters, striped fishes and blue marlin fish makes fishing a complete rejuvenating experience. Catching fishes like the Cabrilla, sierra, snapper, mahi-mahi, yellowfin tuna and wahoo is very popular. Every December whales migrate from the cold waters of Bering Sea. Whale watching is a unique adventure in Los Cabos.

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  1. Visit Todos Santos:

You can spend a whole day in the town without getting bored. Not only its pleasant atmosphere but also the weather here will make your day joyful. You can relax and de-stress yourself from worries. It seems like the perfect relaxing destination for holidays. Small stores on the streets famous for selling finest handicrafts and objects surrounds Todos Santos town. If you are looking out to have a light meal, you must head out to the most established place which is the Todos Santos Café. Don’t Miss Todos Santos surfing which is a quintessential thing.

  1. Visit Main Square of San Jose Del :

Cabo San José is known for its antique Mexican beauty. Every person who visits this city falls in love with the old historic buildings. You will find attractive displays at shops, boutiques and art galleries when you wander around the beautiful main plaza and the historic district. During winters San José del Cabo is gracefully decorated. The big lighted Christmas tree being the main center of attraction here in Main Square.

  1. Enjoy the delicious Mexican food:

Cabo San Lucas and Baja California Sur is a perfect destination for all food lovers. Chefs from across the globe have shifted here which adds a refined cultural twist to the local Cabo cuisine. So if you are in Los Cabos and Baja, you should not miss to treat yourself with some yummy Mexican food.

  1. Enjoy the Beaches:

Los Cabos have beautiful beaches extending from the Pacific Ocean to the Sea of Cortez. All beaches are unique and each beach provides something for every visitor. Los Cabos is a paradise for all beach lovers.

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