The Tale of my Delightful Obsession – Chocolate

In 1900 B.C somebody for the first time took a sip of molten, dark chocolate for the first time in the history of mankind. God bless his soul! Whoever the ‘Great Man’ was, without him we wouldn’t be savoring the delectable and heavenly morsels of Chocolate or chocolate as we call it now.

As a kid whenever I whined at the sight of milk my mom added 2 teaspoons of drinking chocolate and I gulped it down within seconds. Back then I only preferred milk chocolate; the bitterness of smooth dark chocolate was too much for me. I used to treasure the box of Queen Street chocolates and the ones with strawberry filling were my favorite. Later, I came across Toblerone (shaped like Swiss Alps) and the creative mind of an 8 year old got busy day dreaming about scaling the heights of Chocolate Mountain one day. Later I discovered Guylian Belgian chocolates shaped like sea animals. I instantly fell in love with their rich taste and silky texture. My sister and I fought over the last seahorse left in the box and then flipped a coin to decide its fate.

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Growing up I still can’t resist a bite or two (sometimes a whole bar). When I’m not worrying about the waistline then I love to indulge in the sinful sweetness of chocolates. You know what they say, once on the lips forever on the hips. It takes an iron will to say NO to a box of Ferro Rocher. Don’t even get me near a chocolate truffle cake when I’m feeling blue. It would be devoured without a trace! Much like a ‘blink and you miss’ moment when a wannabe actor appears on screen and before you know it, he’s gone.

On our recent trip to Bali we went to Ubud to a plantation site and came across cacao trees or Theobroma cacao. Green cacao pods were hanging low from the branch and filled the place with their richly sweet aroma. We saw the process of roasting the ripe cacao beans and got to taste some divine organic chocolates in flavors like- orange, vanilla, honey and more. They simply melted in the mouth and left a buttery aftertaste.

I had always imagined chocolate to be sweet or bitter-sweet. But nothing prepared me for sea salt chocolate from Lindt. I licked it off my fingers like a greedy kid.

My sweetest memory is slurping a huge glass of hot chocolate in winters. I’ve perfected the recipe after many mistrials.

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