The Queen of Hill Stations-“Darjeeling”

Darjeeling is located in the heart of West Bengal and is known to be the “Queen of all hill stations”. The city is situated in the heart of lower Himalayas which is known as the Mahabharat Range. It is famous for its tea production and for the Himalayan Railways. Darjeeling is also known to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Darjeeling – A Queen of Hill Station

Darjeeling emerged in the mid-19th century by the British and soon it became a vast tea territory. It is also a leading tea producer in the country. It is located at an average altitude of 2050 meters. The eastern Himalayan Zoo-geographic zone comes under Darjeeling. It is blessed with a rich culture, ancient history, and natural resources. Darjeeling has a Tibetan influence in its craft, culture, and cuisine. Due to its pleasant climate all year round, this place is a popular tourist point. Darjeeling’s overall income and economy every year depends solely on the tourist visits and tea production.

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Currently, Darjeeling is surrounded by eighty-six active tea gardens which produce a yield around 11 million kg tea in a year. Darjeeling offers a variety of tea option with different flavours. Darjeeling tea manufacturers produce different flavour in every season. Darjeeling tea is known for its highest nutritional value and also acts as a homeopath for several kinds of disorders such as flu, body pain or swelling. Darjeeling tea is one of the world’s best teas that carry its history even today.

Darjeeling offers a rich, spicy cuisine which is said to be found nowhere in the world. Darjeeling cuisine can be discovered in the Nepalese and Tibetan food. There are many local restaurants or roadside sellers in Darjeeling offering dishes such as Momos, Thupka, Chhurpi, Wai-wai and soups. Darjeeling eateries are hygienic, decent and magnificently splendid. Tea is an essential beverage in Darjeeling, which is consumed even while having a meal. Darjeeling also consumes their local beer known as Tongba which is non-alcoholic. The restaurants in Darjeeling offer pungent and steaming hot food. There are also multi cuisine restaurants in Darjeeling for those who are not so fond of spicy food. It is special for its evening tea which is served with a piece of cake. Darjeeling offers great eating points with mouth-watering food, relaxing music and a refreshing atmosphere.

Darjeeling has a calm and peaceful nightlife. Darjeeling nights are even more joyful with young local boys and girls dancing in spirit dressed in lungis. Darjeeling also offers some of the good rock bands that play all over the town.

Darjeeling offers a lot when it comes to shopping and for the shopaholics, it is the perfect place. Darjeeling handicrafts have a great Tibetan influence which will give you a home like feeling. It is a collection of multitudinous varieties of the fine craftsmanship of hats, jewellery, and other artefacts. Shopping is incomplete without purchasing their finest quality woolen and handloom stuff. Thus, Darjeeling is a wanderer’s bliss.

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