The Off-beat destination of India- Meghalaya

The spellbound North-Eastern beauty is known as the Scotland of the East. Famous for its waterfalls, natural flora, and fauna, a visit to Meghalaya is must once in life. Though other parts of North-East offers you with backbreaking road trips, long traveling, but Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya offers you some cherishable memories. Shillong has the best road connectivity, thus it is able to capture a lot of tourist to this place.

Amidst everything, it offers a perfect mix of the ancient and the modern world’s twist in its culture. Famous as the dwelling place of the clouds, Meghalaya has a lot to offer.

Places to visit in Meghalaya

  1. Living Roots Bridges:

A spectacular man-made natural wonder created by the Khasi tribe branched out from the roots of rubber trees. It is an alternative to the enduring wooden bridges. It takes a span of 15 years to build a bridge. The webbed rooted trees don’t demolish during monsoons instead, they get stronger. It is an energizing experience to walk into this impeccable creation of humans.

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  1. Elephant Falls:

It got its name from a British on seeing resembling Elephant on a rock. However, the rock got destroyed during the 1890’s earthquake. The falls is 3 layered having provision for tourist to take a close look at the fall.

  1. Ward’s Lake:

This lake is about 100 years old and is commonly known as Pollock’s lake. Located in the middle of the city this lake covers lush green gardens. It has a cafeteria inside where you can munch for some refreshments.

  1. Police Bazar:

Commonly called the Barra Bazar by the locals. The place is known as a hub for photographers dream place to capture best shots. You can shop for spices, clothes, sweet, handcrafted local jewellery. You cannot miss taking home Betel nuts, pure turmeric (locally called as haldi) and Muga Silk Shawls.

  1. Mawlynong:

Asia’s cleanest village is a house of colourful butterflies, landscape of beautiful flowers and the extrinsic variety of orchids. Moreover, the adventure doesn’t end here, you will also get a thrilling experience of living in a tree house like Tarzan.

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