The Mysterious Travel Destination: Koi Samui

Thailand is globally recognized for its cluster of islands containing emerald lagoons and beaches, the mountainous plains and the jungle land. Thailand is known as one of the most magical and affordable tourist destinations. Thailand trip would be incomplete without spending a bright sunny day in Thai islands with sipping coconut milk on the sand. Thailand has hundreds of islands scattered through the sparkling Andaman Sea and the Gulf Of Siam.

Koi Samui : A thailand travelling Place

While the island is famous all over the world for the beautiful beaches and parties. Thailand’s experience is relaxing and rejuvenating. A honeymoon destination to Thailand is a perfect decision.  Koi Samui is a perfect destination to go in Thailand.

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Koi Samui is the most visited island in Thailand approximately over 1.5 million people visit this place every year. It beats even Phuket Island as the absolute king of the Thai islands. Koi Samui is known as Thailand’s second largest island. The island is known for its lavish five-star properties, private resorts, and spas. It has affordable family friendly resorts, clean beaches with white sand, jungle waterfalls and a peaceful island vibe that offers you a taste of everything.

Koi Samui has also known for its exotic mix of beaches. Famous for their coconuts, Thai locals use coconut for every purpose, from cooking mouth-watering curries, to conditioning hair for split ends and for a beach day which will maintain  your skin to prolong your tan.

Koi Samui celebrates several festivals every year including the Buffalo Fighting Festival, the Ten Stars Samui Art Party, and different street fairs with local vendors selling local food, clothing, and memento. Those who are sailing lover can gather for the yearly Samui Regatta and triathletes as the supporters group to the Samui for the annual Triathlon Event in Koi Samui. For all the beach lovers who love to get under the sun and all-night beach party people Chaweng Beach is the spot to hang out. A morning trek and a visit to safari will add up an enthralling journey to this island!!!

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