The Chew Chew Diet- Lose Weight Bite by Bite

Most of us remember that science lesson in school where we are taught about the digestive system. How we should chew our food properly so that it gets converted to ‘bolus’ on which the salivary enzymes can act more efficiently and aid in faster digestion. Hence, the digestion starts in the mouth itself before reaching the gut.

It is an Edwardian diet based on this simple concept taught at school. In this Chew Chew diet you’re supposed to chew a morsel exactly 32 times and then tilt your head backwards and gulp it down. This way of eating diminishes the desire to eat more and you can lose weight as a result.

It won’t be right to call it a diet. It is a technique of eating and digesting food faster. Unknowingly, I had been eating this way since childhood. Though I never counted how many times I chewed my food. I was a very slow eater, the last to leave the table. Luckily, for me I was never an obese kid even though I had a voracious appetite for food.

Growing up, my voracious appetite stayed the same but sadly due to lack of time my eating habits changed drastically. I gulped down food while watching my favorite soap on TV. Heading to lectures, with a sandwich in hand became the norm. On Sundays, I was too lazy to eat at the table. My sedentary lifestyle combined with lack of exercise gave rise to digestive problems and rapid weight gain. I couldn’t fit into my skinny jeans and the enviable figure was getting out of shape.

This prompted me to take a few steps towards a healthier life style to curb the weight gain. Firstly, I decided to savor the aroma and flavor of each bite I took, chew my food properly without gulping it down. Secondly, I was never to eat in front of the T.V or desktop. Thirdly and most importantly, exercise. No matter how effective a diet plan, it is incomplete without work out.

On an average a person chews 6 times before swallowing the food. If you want to curb hunger pangs or unnecessary snacking in between meals, then you must give this a try. According to a new study in the U.K if a person carefully chews his food for 30 seconds during lunch time then he is less likely to snack afterwards. His mind is focused on food and he feels more satiated after eating. This phenomenon is known as ‘mindful eating’.

But let’s not make eating a task. Eat in moderation and chew properly before swallowing. You don’t have to count the number of times you chew. It will take the fun out of eating. Just take small bites and relish what you are eating. Also, try and eat 5-6 small meals per day to aid better digestion.

So start losing those extra pounds!

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