The Bizarrest Blood Group Diet

First made famous by Dr Peter D’Adamo a naturopathist in a book called Eat Right 4 Your Type, this diet gained popularity in the 1990s. It is based on the theory that if you eat according to your Blood Type then you are more likely to stay healthy and ward of illnesses particular to that group.

Blood Type Diet Food Distribution

In this diet, the subjects are divided into 4 categories according to their Blood Group – O, A, B and AB and their evolutionary heritage in humans. It does not take into consideration the Rh factor & other rarer blood types. The lectin(carbohydrate binding proteins) present in food will react differently with each Blood Group.

If a person belongs to Blood Group O then he should primarily be a non vegetarian depending largely on a protein based diet. This is similar to caveman diet. It is based on the notion that Blood Group O was the first to evolve during the era when man was a hunter & gatherer. This theory is debatable since many scientists believe that it is actually A not O Type that evolved first.

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With the evolution of mankind, next came the era of cultivation of crops. So the people belonging to the next Blood Group A should follow a strict vegetarian diet to stay healthy and rely less on meat & poultry.

Soon humans entered the nomadic age and started using milk & milk products. Persons with Blood Group B should mainly consume dairy products. These folks, shall never become lactose-intolerant (according to Dr.D’Adamo).

Those with Blood Group AB are a lucky lot since they get to consume both vegetables & dairy products.

This diet in many ways is similar to Japanese notion of predicting a person’s temperament based on his Blood type. It lacks any substantial evidence to support the theory. But interestingly, many celebrities like Miranda Kerr, Cheryl Cole, Liz Hurley and Demi Moore have experimented with this diet. In Bollywood , Akshay Kumar has been an avid follower of this one.

Fad or not, this diet is restrictive if followed very strictly. People with blood group O cannot omit greens from their diet and end up deficient in important vitamins & minerals. Similarly those with A Type cannot solely rely on a vegetarian diet and run the risk of becoming protein deficient.

Taking cue from Miranda Kerr, we should follow the 80-20 rule when starting any new diet. 80% of times eat what is prescribed by your dieting regime and 20% times indulge in what you crave. Any diet is not meant for depriving you the joy of eating. It should be aimed at maintaining a healthy balance to reach your desired goal.

I personally follow the self invented 1 Minute:Forever rule. 1 Minute on the lips, forever on the h… you know what I mean!!

The good part about this diet is that it asks you to stay away from processed food, junk food, fizzy drinks and chocolate but encourages you to eat natural whole foods. So it doesn’t hurt to try.

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