chaat bhandaar redhi at purani delhi

Chaat Lovers – A trip through the bylanes of Old Delhi!

Much before being dubbed as the ‘crime capital of India’, Delhi was famous for its mouth watering Chaat. Dilli ki chat is hard to miss. Dilliwalas love their chaat papri just as much as they dislike the harassing breed of autowalas in the city.

Chaat Bhandar at Purani Delhi

I got to savor the best chaat growing up near the north campus in Delhi. In Kamla Nagar, if you ever get tired of street shopping just stop over at a place called ‘Vaishno Chaat Bhandar’. A huge crowd throngs this shop on any given day. Though sadly, same can’t be said for its cousin on the opposite street which bears the same name but stands deserted. Their laccha tokri and kalmi vada are to die-for, crispy golgapas served with chilled coriander water are also a treat.

If you want to taste the delectable dahi bhalle then head to Bharat Nagar bhalle wala. It is take-away joint on the road side where the traffic always comes to halt. They serve the softest bhallas that melt in your mouth. It tops Natraj ke Dahi bhalle from Chandni Chowk in my list.

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When central Delhi comes to mind, one cannot miss the ever popular ‘Prabhu Chaat Bhandar. Don’t be surprised if a VVIP walks in while you are waiting for your turn in the queue.

If you are the kind who loves to eat the spicy treat once in a while but is a germo-phobe (it’s understandable) then Haldiram is a safe bet. The server never forgets to wear his gloves and cap (much like a surgeon) and the food is prepared in hygienic conditions sans the flies & dirt. While you might not get to enjoy the ingenious creations of stand-alone chaat wallas you can rest easy at night.

Bittoo Tikki Wala (or BTW as it’s better known) has opened shop in every corner in Delhi. But the original one in Pitampura is still the best. They have a penchant for frying the golden-brown tikkis in olive oil. Add to that a generous dressing of curd, chutney, masala and one can very much skip the dinner afterwards. But somehow I like my plate of tikki with chole rather than curd.

If you happen to live in Delhi and are passionate about food (like most Delhities) then you must have visited most of these places by now. As for the rest, you got to try these delicacies.

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