Best Indian Breakfast Guide – Morning Ritual

When we travel, we come across so much delicious and mouth-watering food. Don’t we?  But trying the best local eatery which serves tasty local breakfast is something every traveler looks for at the end. Here are some of the best breakfasts you simply cannot miss when you are travelling across India. 

Here’s Our Very Own Indian Breakfast Guide


If you’re in Mumbai and want to indulge in the best morning breakfast go Aaswad at Dadar’s Shivaji Park for a typical Maharashtrian breakfast of thali peeth (multi-grain shallow fried savory pancakes served with white butter), pohe or misal (a spicy lentil curry topped with farsan) served with pav. Either you can also walk across to Prakash and have the Maharashtrian-style poori and sukki aloo bhaji there.

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During our ancestry time, Irani café’s breakfast was a big part of Mumbai’s eatery. The Yazdani Bakery at Fort which serves the most delicious freshly baked bun coated with maska (butter). Dip your bun in this treble hot milk Irani chai and have it. Adding milk in the chai is more of a British influence as in Iran tea is drunk black. They also offer good Anda Bhurjee for breakfast here. If you would like to have the Parsi version of Anda Bhoorji, the akuri, Ideal Corner in Fort would be a fine choice. Or else you can go to Stadium Restaurant, an Irani café beside Churchgate Station which serves an excellent kheema pav there.


Amritsari kulchas are distinct from the soft naan-like bakery kulchas which you get from outside the city. The Amritsari kulcha is a fresh paratha-like bread filled with potato or paneer and baked in a tandoor. Offered with white butter on top and yummy chole (chickpea curry) on the side. Believed by the Amritsariyans that the local water added to the dough is what makes the kulchas so perfect.

The appropriately named ‘All India Famous’ kulcha at Maqbool Road’ is a safe chance for you to have kulcha.

One more good breakfast choice you can have in Amritsar are the giant, deep-fried pooris at Kanha Sweets served with a hot and contrastingly delicious and tasty potato curry.


Mornings in Jaipur is incomplete if you miss pyaaz kachori for your breakfast and that too from Rawat Mishthan Bhandar. This food is well-known across the beautiful pink city. You can even get pyaaz kachori on the streets. However, the one at Rawat is particularly prominent.


Lucknow is known specifically for its kebab and biryani. Isn’t it? But have the chaat and kachoris for once, and you will be smitten with this food. Particularly the incredible breakfast served at Bajpai Kachori. Don’t miss this!

So next time if you happen to visit these cities don’t miss to have this meals in your breakfast. You will surely recommend others also to have it. Trust me.

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