Indian Festive Foods : A Gastronomic Delight

Certain foods are intertwined with special holidays and are made on those occasions especially when all the family gets together and celebrates.There are many Indian festive foods that are closely associated with a special holiday.

When you talk about Holi, gujia comes to the mind instantly. Likewise, Ganesh Chaturthi is incomplete without delicious modaks. Come December and the aroma of eggnog and Yule log fills every home during Christmas. Eid feels incomplete without seviyyan.

While we talk about famous dishes and festivities let’s look into lesser known but equally mouth watering dishes from different corners of India.

Festive Foods of India:

  • Parsi community’s love for food goes beyond imagination. On the occasion of Parsi New Year or Navroz, many dishes adorn the dinner table like Sali Boti, Paatra ni Macchi, Chicken Farcha, Chicken Dhansak and Ravo.
  • Makar Sankranti is celebrated all over India especially in Gujarat with much fan-fare. Dishes like Khichdo, Goondar Paak, Adadiyo and Meethi Paak lend a traditional flavor to this festival. Jamphal, Chikki and Tal Papdis are a must have for Gujaratis celebrating the Kite festival.
  • Gangaur is celebrated with much pomp and show in Jaipur and surrounding cities of Rajasthan. It is an auspicious occasion for Marwari women and it can’t be complete without the mention of irresistible delicacies like Singadha (water chestnut) Halwa, Choorma, Kache kele ki chaat (Raw banana fritters), Kaddu ka Raita, Kele ki Barfi and the quintessential Ghewar.
  • Chhath Puja is a celebrated mainly in Bihar, Jharkhand, Eastern UP and even Nepal. It is a four day long festivity marked by some rustic but nevertheless delicious dishes like Thekua, Malpua, Balusahi and Kasar or jaggery laddus. 
  • Pongal is widely celebrated in Tamil Nadu as a Harvest Festival. It is a common practice to make pongal dish on this day. Ven Pongal, Sakarrai Pongal and Thai Pongal are often served. 

Surely, the mention of some of these exciting dishes brings back happy memories that take you to a wonderful time filled with lights, laughter and celebration and makes you ask yourself: What is life without food?

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