Fleur Burger’s price – Real Whopper or a Gospel’s Truth?

The finest place to dine are luxurious but it can land you into trouble. Especially, for burger lovers this expensive burger can make a straight way to the bank before heading anywhere. What makes Fleur Burger most expensive? You can call it a real whopper or a tactic to captivate a connoisseur’s taste buds?

Do you know how much it cost? You guess is around $100, $300. But, its price will leave you astonished. It costs around $5000 and is available only in Las Vegas.

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What makes Fleur so pricey?

The Fleur Burger patty is of luscious Kobe beef (Wagyu). This Japanese meat is the most expensive one which is very mushy to dissolve in the mouth. It comes along with Foil grass, commonly known in French as the fatty liver of the duck. Adding more, shaved black truffles and a truffle sauce grown in Perigord in France enhancing the dish is a mythical hype.

The dish serves with a bottle of 1995 vintage Petrus wine.

Is it really a $5000 worth burger to feast upon?

It is like dollars to doughnuts in return. It is a premium investment not worth which will leave you with an empty bank balance. The Kobe beef is not more than $50, adding $300 for the black truffles, $25 for the Foil Gras and $ 2500 for the bottle of wine. Overall it cost in real around $3000. The only hype is the most debauching lavish restaurants offering this ceiling priced burger.

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