Chilika Lake Bird Sanctuary : Asia’s Largest Salted Water Lake

Orissa honours shelter to a number of species of bird and is famous for its Chilika Lake Bird Sanctuary. The lake is popular for species such as plants, birds and aquatic animals who take shelter and resides there. Chilika Lake is known for its tourist attraction. To the southwest of Puri in Orissa, the famous Chilika Lake Bird Sanctuary is located.  The lake is the most beautiful salt water lake in Asia. The lake is distant from the Bay of Bengal by a landscape of sand. An area of vast 1100 sq km surrounds the sanctuary. The sanctuary is a home for many exotic birds.

Chilika Lake : One of Largest Salted Water Lake

One of the biggest and supreme wetlands in the world is Chilika, and this is because of the incredible variety of birds who reside there. Approximately, around 9 lakh birds migrate to Chilika Lake Bird Sanctuary during winters. To have a glimpse of the birds is like having an infinite joy. The migrated species which visit the Chilika Lake Bird Sanctuary are White bellied sea eagles, Greylag goose, Jacana, Herons, Flamingos and Western swamphen (also called as Western moorhen). There are around 160 species of fish, crustacean and many other marine creatures living in Chilika Lake. The famous Chilika dolphin is seen here in this sanctuary. Chilika Lake is a reserve for some of the most mind-blowing birds that one can get to watch on this globe. The birds migrate all the way from Siberia to make a brief stay during winters in the Chilika Lake Bird Sanctuary.

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Naba Island is a key attraction of this bird sanctuary. The sanctuary houses birds and animals such as the Blackbuck, Spotted Deer, Golden Jackals and Hyenas. Chilika lake bird sanctuary holds specific areas for Ornithologists to catch a glimpse of the diversity of birds. There are Two Island in Chilika Lake, one is the Bird Island, and another one is the Kalijai Island. At Kalijai Island, you will be surprised to see the tropical variety of peacocks openly wandering in the region.

Prawn, crab and mackerel fish are the main source of income for the local people living here. Near, the Chilika Lake Bird Sanctuary lies the Kalijal temple which has a popular tourist attraction.

The Temple is devoted to Goddess Kalijai. Every year the Kalijai temple celebrates Makar Sankranti festival with great solemnity and spirit. Thus, engaging many visitors and devotees to the temple. Also, every morning hundreds of small fishing boats set to sail and to catch fishes from the lake. The fishermen visit the Kalijai Temple before heading for fishing in Chilika Lake. Boating in the fully transparent water and watching, so many beautiful feathered creatures is a great experience.

This sanctuary is very famous for an outing. The nearby people come to watch a spectacular view of the sunrise and the sunset on the lakeside. Thus, Chilika Lake Bird Sanctuary is said to be the best bird watching spot in India.

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