Bon-Appetit- Food Stories from the Lanes of Kochi

The culture from across the globe have added a pinch of twist in the cuisines of Kochi. Arabs, Dutch, Russians, Japanese dwellers have bought different cultures in the city and harboured a rich colourful history to the food chronicles. The deliquescence taste of seafood will make come here again to enjoy the delicious rich cuisine.

Banana is quite an essential part of almost all dishes like Appam, Chips, Pazham Pori etc. There are dishes worth trying which can’t escape from your eyes if you are in Kochi. Though there are many food joints which offer awesome seafood but don’t miss out to try these food:

Food Stories : Lanes of Kochi

  1. Biryani :

The biryani’s here are served with Dates chutney, Onion salad and Papad. A bit spicy but, the taste will wave an essence of Malabar cuisines in your tongue.

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  1. Chuttuli Meen

An authentic dish which hails from its Jewish origin. It’s a grilled fish cooked in Malabari spices.

  1. Dhe Puttu

An authentic South Indian breakfast which became a world honoured dish. It was selected as the best breakfast dish in National Geographic Magazine. It comes in variations with fruits, grated coconut and even chocolate. The sweet black coffee served with it serves as a heavenly delight. It’s a recommended breakfast for health conscious people.

  1. Malabar Prawn Curry:

Coconut milk, aromatic “Tadka” of Curry Leaves and Kokum altogether contribute to its rich flavour and fragrance. You cannot miss having this thick, creamy and spicy prawns in gravy.

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