A Silent Health Killer- Processed Meat

Processed Meat isn’t a healthy option for your non-veg desires. It calls for a health warning and has chances of colorectal cancer. Though processed meat has a lot of harmful chemicals, but it is still preferred over the fresh meat. Evidence shows that red meat causes cardiovascular diseases and type-2 diabetes disease.

Processed meat prepared using the salting and drying process. Firstly, the meat is curried, salted, smoked and then dried. Some examples of processed meat are Sausages, bacon, canned beef etc.

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People who are reliable only on processed meat have a mismatch between a healthy and unhealthy lifestyle. Though the intake of fruits and fresh vegetables is less, so the impact on one’s health is detrimental. In fact, the busy lifestyle of people has shifted their food choices to easier options and processed foods are one of them.

Nevertheless, though various researchers think that linking the adverse effects of processed meat with health is not a good option. It is also associated with consumption of other things like smoking, consumption of drinks with added sugars, high calories drinks, fast foods, canned fruit juices etc.

Though it’s said that N-nitroso compounds like Nitrite, Nitrosamines etc. are cancer-causing substances only found in processed meat. However, high level of Nitrate is also found in some fresh green leafy vegetables. Unlike, nitrates found in meat they can also be harmful. Nitrates are found only when meat exposes to high temperatures such as deep-frying, grilling etc. In this case, it increases the risk of cancer in stomach and bowel.

 Here are 5 reasons why processed meat is bad for your health:

  1. Difficulty in maintaining a healthy body weight:

With vegans, maintaining a healthy BMI is not an issue, but for meat eaters, it’s a concern. Their obesity index is 10-20% more than the vegetarians. Thus, their metabolism rate is quite low as compared to the vegetarians.

  1. Reduces resistance to antibiotics :

For steady growth of animals, 70% antibiotics used on animal’s decreases the ability to cope with diseases. Means, if you eat meat, you are susceptible towards a high risk of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Next time, if you wish to eat meat then follow simple checkpoints:

  1. Check the ingredients beforehand buying any meat from outside.
  2. Avoid eating processed meats served at restaurants, schools, hotels etc.
  3. If you find Sodium nitrite in the contents of meat, don’t buy it.

Avoiding the processed meat and eating the fresh farm produced vegetables is a wiser option to keep oneself healthy. Consumption of citrus food such as berries are a rich source of vitamin C prevents cancer forming nitroso compounds.

Consumption of processed meat must be reduced gradually. Intake of fibre rich foods such as fruits and vegetables must increase. Also, fresh fruit juices need to be taken.

Regular exercises need to be done to keep an adequate BMI for a healthier life.

Avoiding processed meat is not only the option for keeping oneself in a safer zone for cancer but overall a healthy lifestyle contributes.

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