A New Beginning with Miele Appliances

Simplicity is the new luxury. For a young couple starting off their lives in a new home, what better way to live, eat, clean, and socialize, than surrounded by intelligent appliances that do all the work for you.

As you prepare to move into your new home post your nuptials, you’re excited about fitting it with the best products.
The kitchen or hearth, the heart and core of a family unit is a modern kitchen today, taking on the role of a social hub, where you pre- pare the gourmet dishes of your choice, and with easy access to beverages like wine or coffee. It also has high-tech cleaning devices nearby for germ free living, be they for clothes, dishes or interiors.
And this is where intelligent products from Miele can help. Miele, a family-owned German manufacturer of high-end domestic appliances founded at the turn of the 19th century by Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann, opened its doors in India seven years ago. Worldwide, it’s clocked a turnover of around Euro 3.6 billion, and has adherents like the late Steve Jobs, who’s written about his admiration for the brand in his biogra- phy. Back to Miele products the most exciting are the ones from their latest range, Generation 6000, which simplify the use of machines like never before.

Rana Pratap Singh, Managing Director, Miele India

“Our 2016 range is an upgrade from what we launched last year,” says Rana Pratap Singh, Managing Director, Miele India. “We’re present in three categories cooking, cooling, and cleaning/ laundry. And our washing machine is brand new.”

For the tech savvy Generation Y who grew up swiping the screens on their phones, the Genera- tion 6000 range has a new interface with M Touch controls, which translates into high-resolution thin film transistor displays on flagship models, just like smart phones. “To bake a cake, just swipe your finger our oven’s interface will give you the right temperature and baking time,” says Rana.

A new range of Miele washing machine

And for cooking the conventional way, there’s a host of non-traditional options at Miele. “Today, people prefer a wet kitchen, for staff to prepare food, and a dry kitchen, which includes the kitchen island which is not just for cooking, but for socializing,” says Rana. So in this fun meets function area, Miele offers combinations of products, such as CombiSets that combine gas, induction, barbe cue, teppenyaki, wok, and fat fryer. And there are ventilation hoods, wall attached or hanging, that will whisk away pesky smells via charcoal filters.
And to clean the dishes, one can no longer rely on domestic staff to blast germs at a hot 60°C or 70°C. That is something only a good dishwasher can do, and Miele caters to those young profes- sionals who realize that. “Almost 80 percent of kitchens today include a dishwasher,” says Rana.

Miele Luxury Appliances

Miele’s new range of washing machines too, are more innovative, with Power Wash and Twin Dos. They also conserve electricity and water. “Regular ones weigh 55 kg, ours weigh 95 kg,” says Rana. “We use iron as a counterbalancing weight for the spinning function, so that our product lasts 20 years, not 6-7.” The new “honeycomb drum” inside protects clothes from hitting the drum’s metal surface, via a thin film of water. “We’re about laundry care, not just washing,” he says. And it’s easy to use. Symbols direct you to the right cycle, and the machine senses the load, and dispenses detergent accordingly, resulting in savings.
When you’re entertaining at home, there is no better place for ‘water cooler talk’ than around the wine cooler! Miele has upgraded its counter wine conditioner to a freestanding wine unit, with a sommelier set. This new wine unit has three separate temperature zones, so you can safely store your reds, whites, and bubbly at different temperatures. “With the sommelier set, you have your wine accessories in one place, including the glasses,” says Rana. “And if you have a collection of a 100 bottles, you can even make a note of the names, as we have provision for that.”

The free standing wine conditioner unit
                                 The free standing wine conditioner unit
Best Luxury applainces
The Miele vacuum cleaner (with HEPA filter).

Other lifestyle products include warmer drawers so that food can be maintained at an even temperature preferable to zapping it in the microwave for a quick reheat. Coffee machines can be personalized to remember the coffee preference of your partner so if you like espresso, then she or he can set his or her profile to get cappuccino every time. The Steam oven is another novelty by Miele, that allows vegetables to retain their nutrients, flavour, and colours. “Our next big launch will be the Microsteam, that combines a steam oven and a microwave,” says Rana.

And one product we just can’t do without is the vacuum cleaner. “With NRIs returning to India, we’ve seen an increase in sales of vacuum cleaners,” says Rana. “Ours have a HEPA filter that helps remove 99.9 percent of fine dust in the house.”

With its slogan of ‘Immer Besser’, ‘Forever Better’ in German, it’s clear that Miele products have their work cut out to ensure seamless, intelligent solutions for the home and hearth.




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