8 Golden Rules of Dating a Foodie: Dinner Reservation for 2

In life you might come across an awkward situation where you date a person who loves food even more than you. Don’t get offended straight away; there might be something in it for you too. You will be treated to the best of restaurants in town, gourmet food tasting parties and 5 course meals prepared by your bae. Just secretly sign up for a gym membership and eat your way to glory.

8 Rules while dating a Foodie

  1. Add terms like food-gasm, food selfie and foodstagramming to your vocabulary.

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Chances are that you are well versed with these terms by now if you are dating a foodie. Eating a blueberry pie might not be such a big deal for you but for him it’s like stepping into 7th heaven. The texture of the pastry and tartness of blueberries will send him into a world of ecstasy.  It will be tough to get his attention for awhile. On the other hand, at least he is not distracted by the pretty young model-type sitting in the next booth.

  1. Get used to taking pictures of dishes before you eat.

Talking about food-stagramming or food-selfies we mentioned earlier, you can’t help but notice that his Instagram feed is full of pictures of all the dishes he ate last week. Even the poached egg he ate for breakfast is tagged there as #poachedegg #goldengooeygoodness #breakfastisamust. If you don’t like that chocolate waffle is getting more attention than you, then you two were clearly not meant to be together.

  1. Don’t order anything before consulting him.

It might not offend him that much if you find faults in his friends, dressing style or even his dog. But God forbid if you order something just like that (it’s just French fries after all) he will sulk about it for hours. So if you don’t want to spoil your date night let him order for the two of you. You might discover a new dish that tastes so good that nothing you ate before comes even close it.

  1. Don’t even mention things like- that shirt doesn’t fit you anymore.

Do not make the mistake of pointing out calories in a slice of pepperoni pizza. It takes out all the fun of eating, he will complain relentlessly. Buy him a larger sized T-shirt to get your point across, gently.

  1. Never ever offer to share a dish- split the bill but not the cake.

If you don’t want to be left feeling hungry at the end of your date, then don’t offer to share the pasta. While sharing is caring, in his case show your affection by gifting roses or better yet a box of Macaroons.

  1. Fake it even it kills you.

If you don’t like the taste of scallops or king prawns fake an allergic reaction. It’s better for your relationship than admitting you completely detest the salty-slimy taste.

  1. Let him/her pick the place if it’s your first date.

He’s a walking-talking food App and knows all the trending restaurants in your area. It will be a wise idea after all to let him pick the best romantic poolside place that serves delectable Tandoori chicken. You just decide on what to wear for the night.

  1. Don’t get impatient while he is trying to decide on what to order.

It might seem like an eternity while he decides on what to eat, just don’t try to hurry him along. He’ll take his time. In the meantime you can check on your mails, text your bestie, reapply your lip color and like your colleague’s profile picture.

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I'm a big time foodie & part-time dentist who got bitten by the travel bug. My quest for good food takes me to obscure but amazing places. When I'm not travelling I love to spend time with my 9-month old baby who is just as consumed by wanderlust as her parents.