7 Most Haunted Places in India – Scare Fest

If you’ve grown up in India then you must be familiar with the stories of chudails, pisaach and buri aatmas. Children are warned against walking under a pipal tree at night. At least one senior in the college hostel claims to have heard the sound of ghungrus past midnight. India with its diverse and rich culture has many folklore about ghosts and ghouls.

They are many haunted places that give goosebumps if you visit alone at night. The distant howling of a wolf or hoots of an owl sound sinister in a deserted place.

7 Haunted Places in India

  1. Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad It is a popular film city and tourist attraction in Hyderabad. There have been many sighting of ghosts and scary incidents involving guests. A popular rumor is that the film city is built on a place where there was a battle field many years ago. In recent years it has attracted people in search for paranormal happenings.
  2. Bhangarh Fort, Alwar, Rajasthan One cannot talk about haunted places without the mention of Bhangarh fort. This place is visited by tourists during the day but is deserted after sunset. An ASI board outside the fort cautions people to stay away from the place at night. Locals have reported hearing eerie sounds and shrieks emanating from the fort at night. True or not, it is always good to take the caution seriously.
  3. Dow Hill Victoria Boys’ High School, Darjeeling Dow Hill is located in Kurseong region of Darjeeling in West Bengal. During December to March when the school remains closed for winter break, caretakers have reported hearing whistling, low murmurs and sounds of footsteps in the corridors. The place and its surroundings are believed to be haunted. Many murders and unnatural deaths took place in the neighboring forests.
  4. Fern Hill Hotel, Ooty This hotel came in to limelight during shooting of the movie ‘RAAZ’. The film unit reported scary incidents involving sounds of furniture being moved on an upper floor. When the hotel staff heard about it, they were shocked as there was no upper level. A quick search on travel sites show that this hotel is still taking bookings as opposed to some media reports of its shutdown. Scary or not, it is a beautiful Victorian style hotel with scenic views. A visit here is a must during summer time.
  5. Hastings House, Kolkata This haunted mansion in Kolkata was once resided by Warren Hastings, the Governer General of British India. He was impeached on charges of corruption and aftwards died with a heavy  heart. Some people have reported witnessing the ghost of Hasting on New Year’s Eve every year.
  6. Mukesh Mills, Mumbai Mukesh textile mills located in Colaba was built by the East India Company in 1870. Soon aftwerwards a fire broke out killing many mine workers. Since then the mill was left abandoned. The spooky ruins attract many film makers who like shooting for horror movies here. Incidents of possessed actresses and real life narratives of movie stars who have experienced strange happenings have been reported.
  7. Savoy Hotel, Mussoorie Agatha Christie’s novel ‘The Mysterious Affairs at Styles ‘was based on the real life story of Lady Frances Garnett-Orme. She was murdered at the hotel and the murder case remained unsolved. Her ghost still haunts this hotel. Some guests have reported seeing her apparition and others have complained of doors opening on their own after midnight.
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