5 Hot Destinations for Your Bachelor Party

If you’ve been planning on a bachelor’s party with your single friends to savor the last few days of freedom then look no further, as we shall cover the list of topmost hotspots in the world for single guys. Lose yourself in the Mediterranean charm of Ibiza or go partying to the swankiest clubs of Bangkok. Gamble in the famous casinos of Vegas, shop for the D day in Seoul or go on a desert safari in Dubai.

Best Destinations for Bachelor Party are

  1. Ibiza, Spain

This Mediterranean paradise is the hippest place for singles to leave all worries behind & party like never before. It is the ultimate party island with rocking night clubs, spectacular beaches & occasional celeb encounters. It is famous with the rich & famous of Hollywood – Justin Beiber, Kate Moss & Paris Hilton to name a few!

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The sparkling turquoise waters & white sand beaches will make you forget everything else as you take a scooter ride along the magnificent coastline.

  1. Bangkok, Thailand

You cannot ignore the nightlife of Thai capital with swanky night clubs, lively rooftop bars & sky high cocktail bars. When the sun sets the city comes alive with glamorous parties, stunning crowd and exotic night markets. After an exhaustive night out with the guys you can head to a spa for a relaxing Thai Massage. Bangkok is known for its world class Spas that offer age old traditional and luxurious massages. The tropical setting, plenty of sunshine & Thai hospitality will keep you coming back for more!

  1. Las Vegas, USA


How can we leave out Nevada’s Sin City from the list of Bachelor hangouts? Made famous by a gazillion Hollywood & Bollywood flicks Vegas stays true to its reputation. Legendary hotels, 24 Hour casinos, luxury resorts & buzzing party scene make it the best place to cherish the last few days as a Single guy. A trip to the famous Las Vegas Strip will convince you that it is the ‘Entertainment Capital’ of the world.

  1. Seoul, South Korea


It is a thriving metropolis famous for its modern skyscrapers, traditional flea markets, endless shopping vistas & an awesome night life.  Gangnam is the Beverly Hills of Seoul with its upper class neighborhood & made famous by the song ‘Gangnam Style’. The aquarium at CEOX is one of the largest in the city and has over 40,000 sea creatures. The Brand Name Street houses fashion giants like Armani & Gucci. You can also visit Lotte World Adventure which consists of an indoor theme park, the largest of its kind in the world, an outdoor adventure park called Magic Island, shopping malls & a luxury hotel among many other tourist attractions.

  1. Dubai, UAE
View of the hotel Burj Al Arab

Dubai is a Mecca for luxury shopping and attracts tourist for its famous shopping festival from January to February every year. If you’re here for the sand & dunes then book a desert safari & cruise the sand dunes. The exotic belly dancers, shisha and camp side BBQ dinner will make you feel like a character out of Arabian Nights. You can plan a party aboard the Dhow Boat and experience the splendor of Arabian Sea by the moonlight. A day’s trip to Hatta – the ancient oasis town with wadis & surrounding canyons can serve as an adventurous trekking tour. This is all about the desinations for bachelors party.

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