5 Best Places in Mumbai offering mouth-watering Pav Bhaji

PavBhaji is an essence of street food of Mumbai. It’s a spicy preparation of mashed vegetables, a plentiful of fresh tomatoes, and lumps of butter is consumed with pav, which is buttered on all sides.

The history of the Pav Bhaji is interesting as the dish itself. From the traditional beliefs,it originated back in the 1850’s when textile mills flourished in Mumbai. Textile workers, who did not enough time to eat lunch, wanted a light meal to be consumed in a short time as they had to return to their factories. A person saw this problem and in a true Mumbaikar way,he came out with an alternative. He substituted the roti with a Pav and the curry with a spicy preparation by mixing ingredients of vegetables. And thus, this is how Pav Bhaji came into existence.

Here are the few best places in Mumbai offering yummy Pav Bhaji

1. Canon Pav Bhaji at Churchgate.

Canon Pav Bhaji is known as one of the most historic pav bhaji places in Mumbai.They serve two varieties of Pav bhaji.First one is their regular one with a lump of Amul butter floating in your plate and the second one is their signature dish, the Cheese Pav bhaji which they serve with Kadak Pav.While the pavs here are rigorously soaked in butter, it complements with the spicy bhaji.

2. DP’s Fast Food at Matunga East.

DP’s fast food gained its recognition due to the presence of colleges but now it’s an established name. Though the atmosphere here is plain, but the food served is delicious and they offer a quick service.Their Masala Pav is dipped in butter and spicy masala.

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3. Sardar Pav Bhaji at Grant Road.

Sardar Pav Bhaji serves possibly the best Pav Bhaji in Mumbai. It is also one of the city’s oldest food joint.If you’re a food lover you cannot resist coming to this place again.The brownish-black color of the Bhaji is the highlight of the secret masala. If you are a cheese lover, then you must order Cheese Pav Bhaji which is served with a heap of shredded cheese. Sardar Pav Bhaji is known for its quality.

4. Soli Pav Bhaji at Haji Ali.

Soli Pav Bhaji is a Pav Bhaji stall located in Haji Ali which is also Ambani’s favorite food joint in Mumbai.If you are craving for some late night munching Soli Pav Bhaji is must visit place which is outside the Heera Panna Shopping Center. It is open from 7:30 PM to Midnight.

5. Maruti Pav Bhaji at Vile Parle.

Maruti Pav Bhaji is one stop destination for all spice lovers. It starts after 7 in the evening.The main ingredient is butter and black pepper and this is what it leads the black color to the bhaji. You may end up sweating while you eat, but this won’t stop you from visiting this place. The masala Pav is also very unique in its taste.

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