12 Perks of Dating Tall Guys : A Different experience

It’s a common phrase that short girls always date tall guys. The irresistible charm of dating a guy, who towers above you, makes most girls go weak in the knees. Even guys like to feel all manly in front of their dainty girlfriends. You make heads turn whenever you walk into a room holding hands with your boyfriend.

It can be a real struggle getting in the same frame when getting clicked together, he can always get down on his knees for you. If you’ve ever swooned every time David Hasselhoff ran to save someone in Baywatch then you know what we are talking about exactly.

Dating Tall guys are the first to catch your attention.

  1. Tall guys are the easiest to spot in a crowd. It is literally impossible to lose sight of him.
  2. Keep your head high! Your neck and shoulder muscles will get regular exercise from all the stretching.
  3. He’ll make you feel like a kid again. Tall guys are very protective of their girlfriends and walking beside him with his arm around your shoulder, how can you not feel secure?
  4. Nothing will ever be too far to reach now. Your tall boyfriend will lift any pot, pan or saucer placed high above your reach.
  5. It’s not difficult for tall guys to stay in shape. That’s another good reason to date them.
  6. Your girl friends go green with envy just look at the two of you.
  7. No one will ever get in a fight with your boyfriend. He’ll tower above most guys anyway.
  8. You will never get tired of hearing what an awesome couple you guys make.
  9. He will literally sweep you off your feet.
  10. You don’t have to throw out those sexy 5 inch heels you got in a bargain,last week. Now go shop for more high heels.
  11. It feels romantic every time you tip-toe to get a kiss.
  12. Ball room dancing will feel just right with your tall boyfriend.
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