12 Cocktails for Zodiac Sign – Zodiac Happy Hours

Do endless cocktail choices at a bar make your head spin? Are you unsure about what to order at a party? Then no need to look any further.

Here’s a complete Cocktails for Zodiac Sign (with recipes)


The aggressive personality of Aries needs a drink that cools them down but also packs a punch of flavor. That makes Piña Colada your cocktails for zodiac sign. The freshness and tangy flavor of frozen pineapple mixed with white rum lends the right balance.


The bull is not only obstinate but needs to learn how to relax at a party. For you Mai Tai is the perfect drink to order. It’s a fruity cocktails for zodiac sign that is not overly sweet.


The twins often have a tough time making up their mind about anything, drinks being no exception. For them Long Island Iced tea is the preferred drink. It’s a blend of rum, tequila, triple sec, gin and vodka-just like your multi-colored personality.


Cancerians are romantics but by nature a little shy. Just loosen up a bit with a glass of Dirty Martini. It’s a naughty but simple drink, suited to match your style.


The lion loves to be the center of attraction at every party. An glass of Hiroshima is just right for your royal taste.


Tequila Sunrise is the drink for you. It’s fun and bold like your personality. Go ahead and place the order!


Librans have penchant for expensive things. Nothing spells luxury like a glass of Cosmopolitan. The sweet flavor of cranberries mixed with Vodka and Cointreau will to appeal your taste buds.


Scorpians need a drink that’s just as sexy and flirty as them. Nothing gets better than Kamikaze shots. Get high in style!


Your friendly nature makes you an instant hit at any party. Spread the cheer with a glass or two of Caipirinha. .


Your enigmatic personality goes well with a glass of Mojito. It’s uncomplicated like you.


Every person would like to be in the good books of an Aquarius. Your smile can brighten up the whole room. For you Screwdriver makes the perfect sense.


Pisces have a laidback approach to life. They like to enjoy things at a leisurely pace. So sit back and enjoy a glass of Margarita.

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