The 10 delicious Forgotten Indian desserts you’ve missed out!

In India, a dessert is like an attached connection with the people. The upright diversity of Indian dishes means an equally large display of tempting sweets which leave our stomach joyful. However, we have a major craving for hot sugary GulabJamuns (specifically during winters).

Here is the list of sweets which you can feast upon:

  1. Malaiyo

Inherited from the Ganges of river fondly known as Benaras. Malaiyo looks extremely delicious. Made from raw milk and cardamom, the pleasant smell with sweet turnout easily in your spoon and gives great joy with its well light and fluffy balance.

  1. Chena Poda

Have you ever watched Chena Poda baking? If yes, then you surely will know why cooking is known as an art. Cottage cheese, dry fruits and sugar gets combined and next it is kept in the oven to bake. Thus, to create burnt cottage cheese with an amazingly crispy cover.

  1. AamShrikhand

Indians have a special fondness for mangoes. And enjoying it with amazing cool and creamy shrikhand is even better. A lovely sweet dish during a hot summer day is a must. The mango gets blended with the creamy goodness of yoghurt. Which will leave you licking your fingers till the last drop?

  1. ShahiTukda

ShahiTukda is a dessert formed by trying out with a leftover bread from the Mogul meal. The experiment tested became a delightful one, with saffron soaked malai flattering the bread-like mithai.

  1. Malpua

First fried in blazing hot ghee and then soaked in sugary syrup this dish is a flour-based delicacy which is known as Malpua. Just one bite of the hot malpua will downpour your mouth with sweetexcellence.

  1. Goan Coconut Cake

The traditional dish of Goans. The goans found this dessert by using a coconut and rose-water. As Goa has an ample of coconut trees in their state. The outcome came out beautiful as the moist cake with a nutty aroma.

  1. Patishapta

Step away from your regular pancakes, for the patishapta is on the board to raise the standard. This dessert appears like a soft pancake with a mixture of coconut and jaggery stuffed for you to have a sweet taste in your mouth.

  1. PuranPoli

A part of regular Maharashtrian kitchen houses a special traditional delicacy PuranPoli. The chapatti is cooked on gas and filled with smashed Bengal gram and jaggery. And normally served with either aamras or ghee.

  1. Bebinca

This dessert has seven layers containing egg yolk, coconut milk, maida, sugar and a tip of nutmeg. Goans love this dish and with great reason, as you can haveBebinca with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream which istough to refrain from having the dessert.

  1. Ghevar

During festivals like Teej or Sankranti they usually prepare Ghevar a Rajasthani, sweet. The dessert is disc-shaped and soaked in sweet liquid and offered in a number of ranges.

That is why India is called as the land of milk and honey.

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